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Are you a grower in the United States, European Union or New Zealand? That’s where Dynium
is currently operating CropScout service.

Dynium Services

CropScout is a subscription-based service.

Our autonomous robot roves your orchard, counting the fruit and collecting high resolution yield data about every tree within it:

  • Fruit count estimate and sizing by tree, block or farm.
  • Determine optimum hiring numbers, create picking schedules and match them to packhouse capacity
  • Provide sales teams with production estimates to optimise prices and supply availability
  • Record the amount of fruit harvested on each pass (and calculates how much fruit remains)
  • Generate analytics on pruning and thinning
  • Layered maps allow user to interrogate their ‘digital orchard’, according to user-selected factors
  • Obtain Early insights on production estimates to
    reserve cold storage and avoid spot prices or wasted over capacity.

Quick and hassle free.

 No specialist technical skills required. Dynium does
all the work for you

Quick and Hassle Free Journey

Customer Journey

Dynium’s cropscout service is more accurate, more flexible and more reliable

1. Customer logs in and requests blocks to be surveyed
 and access times

02.  Dynium uses the crop scouts to survey the blocks on
 behalf of the farmer

03. Dynium produces insights for farmer using machine learning

04. Customer logs in to view the insights: Apple counts,
sizes in tables, heat maps

Our Services

Cropscout Service By Dynium

Are you a grower in the United States, European Union or New Zealand?
That’s where Dynium is currently operating CropScout service.

Don’t worry if you’re elsewhere in the world. We expect to offer CropScout worldwide. If you’re in a country
where we’re not yet active,please register your interest . We’ll contact you as soon as we
can bring you into the CropScout user family.

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