We’re Digitising
The Orchard

Our Autonomous Robots Connect Each of Your Fruit
Trees With the Digital Cloud.


Analysing potential



And enabling real-time, data-driven decision-making to reduce costs, improve sustainability and increase yields.


History and Location

Dynium Robot was founded in January 2016. Our Development Office is in Oxford, in the United Kingdom. Ranked number four
worldwide for agritech investment, the UK possesses a vibrant agritech ecosystem and a national strategy –
 bringing together government agencies, academic institutions, start-ups and end-users – to encourage the
development and adoption of new agricultural technologies.

Oxford, home to the renowned Oxford Robotics Institute, enjoys its reputation both as Europe’s leading city for
 autonomous robotics development and a world-class centre for artificial intelligence.
British start-ups account around for six per cent of the global robotics market

WHat is it?

CropScout. Your digital orchard.

CropScout is an autonomous robot that digitises an orchard, telling growers how much fruit they have available to sell.
We use robots to capture – in digital form – essential information from every tree in the orchard.Using artificial intelligence,
CropScout produces insights and recommendations needed for day-to-day decision-making, while guiding and
enhancing growers’ wider agronomic and marketing strategies.

Accurately estimate how much fruit you will harvest. When to harvest it. How much labour you’ll need to hire – and when.
Track progress of the crop over the season. Its growth. Its distribution. Its size. And compare growth rates in different areas of the orchard.

Make better, more informed decisions for critical tasks such as pruning
and thinning.

React faster to pest and disease outbreaks, saving input costs and meeting buyer protocols on residue levels.
Get irrigation just right. Reduce yield losses from underwatering and reduce water costs associated with irrigation faults

Transform The Way You
View Your Crop

By digitising the orchard, CropScout offers growers an affordable and reliable solution to enhance decision-making.
 CropScout reduces risk, increases returns and improves on-farm sustainability.


Dynium Services

Dynium CropScout Service

Are you a grower in the United States, European Union or New Zealand? That’s where Dynium is currently operating CropScout service.

Don’t worry if you’re elsewhere in the world. We expect to offer CropScout worldwide. If you’re in a country where we’re not yet active, please register your interest . We’ll contact you as soon as we can bring you into the CropScout user family.

CropScout is a subscription based service.

Our entry-level subscription is Yield & Harvest Tracker. Our autonomous robot roves your orchard, counting the fruit and collecting high resolution yield data about every tree within it.

Dynium Robot is digitising the orchard.

Using advanced robotics, we develop vision-based crop analytics systems. These reduce farmer costs, alleviate risks,
increase yields and improve the sustainability of fruit production.



Dynium Robot is digitising the orchard.

Getting started


CropScout is an autonomous robot that digitises an orchard

Getting started


Our entry-level subscription is Yield & Harvest Tracker.

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