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Dynium is providing a service for farmers to digitise their orchards.
This will enable digital agronomy and provide insights on
crop yield, fruit sizing, and more.

What Is it?

What is cropscout?

CropScout is a service which digitises an orchard, updating growers how much fruit they
 have available to sell.
We use robots to capture – in digital form – essential information from every tree in the orchard.
Using artificial intelligence, CropScout produces insights and recommendations needed for day-to-day
decision-making, while guiding and enhancing growers’ wider agronomic and marketing strategies.

Forget about high maintenance static IoT sensors under each tree. Ignore drones, with their increasingly burdensome
regulatory requirements. Satellite imagery? Expensive, inflexible and needing specialist data processing.

Features and Highlights

Key Features of Cropscout

Dynium’s CropScout service is more accurate, more flexible and more reliable

Land-based, it’s completely autonomous,
needing minimal user intervention. In addition to yield predictions, it delivers accurate, continuous data
in real time: crop progress, fruit distribution, fruit size,
disease detection, irrigation monitoring.

Its navigation software, built using technology from driverless cars, uses proprietary algorithms to detect trees and rows, guided by an array of cameras and LiDAR sensors. More accurate than GPS waypoint systems, its autonomy makes CropScout more robust: never again experience
problems with signal drop-out.

CropScout maps and surveys every fruit-producing tree or bush on the farm, creating a digital record of each tree’s characteristics. Everything is contained within a 3D map that sits in the cloud, accessible through an easy-to-use but feature-rich interface.

CropScout doesn’t just display the data. Its AI system provides growers with the valuable, actionable insights they need to help make timely and effective decisions.

For growers with multiple sites, CropScout improves productivity by reducing the need to travel between orchards: the orchard can be viewed digitally instead.

By sharing CropScout’s data with their agronomist,
growers can raise queries, discuss options and improve
 timeliness of actions.

CropScout. Your digital orchard.

CropScout is a service which digitises an orchard, telling growers
how much fruit they have available to sell.

Cropscout service

What it does


Cropscout improves orchard productivity.

Put simply, CropScout knows the location and size of every fruit, on every tree, in every row of a grower’s orchard.

As a grower, you’ll know your crop more closely than you’ve ever known it before.

Cropscout Insights

CropScout’s insights transform the
way you view your crop

Accurately estimate how much fruit you will harvest. When to harvest it. How much labour you’ll need to hire – and when

Track progress of the crop over the season. Its growth. Its distribution. Its size. And compare growth rates in different areas of the orchard.

Make better, more informed decisions for critical tasks such as pruning and thinning

React faster to pest and disease outbreaks, saving input costs and meeting buyer protocols on residue levels.

Get irrigation just right. Reduce yield losses from underwatering and reduce water costs associated with irrigation faults.

By digitising the orchard, CropScout offers growers an affordable and reliable solution to enhance decision-making.
CropScout reduces risk, increases returns and improves on-farm sustainability.

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